Does work every really end?

Haha, I just wish I could have a few hours that are definitely free and clear for me to play a few games of chess! Isn’t it strange how relaxing a couple games with a good friend can be?

So I was at work, and getting bored, go figure. Nobody gets bored at work right? Well I was, so I pulled out my phone and started reading through emails, doing probably the same exact thing every other American does with a cell phone and boredom.

Anyhow, I decided to redownload an old chess app that I used to have, a free one, and see if I could find anyone that wanted tp play. Well, I found plenty of people that wanted to start a game, nobody that would stick around and finish one though.

Maybe they were at work like me, but got busy, who knows. All I know is that it was frustrating, made me want my board, my pieces, my chess table, a good friend, and some fun conversation.

One of our favorite travel chess sets!

This is just a quick post about a favorite travel set between myself and other friends. What we like about it is, its silicon, it’s standard size, and it fits anywhere you want to put it! Don’t worry we’re not trying to make money, just showing you the best deal we can find! Check it out here!